Better Nature announces the UK’s first carbon-negative and plastic-free alt-meat

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Commemorating Earth Day 2021, Better Nature has announced a new product line that will feature carbon- and plastic-negative plant-based meat.

As the planet’s conscious thoughts turn to sustainability for at least 24 hours, Better Nature has stepped up to announce a new company directive that will show other manufacturers that profits don’t need to come at the expense of the planet.

Christopher Long, co-founder and business development manager of Better Nature, has revealed that the company will be releasing a new product line in June of this year, but with an industry-altering difference. It will be the UK’s first confirmed meat-free range certified as being both carbon- and plastic-negative.

Kong made the announcement on LinkedIn, bolstering the post with quantifiable figures of 200% carbon and plastic offsetting. Through invested partnerships with Foodsteps, ClimateCare and rePurpose Global, the figures are proven, not predictive and far from performative.

Taking sustainable packaging and production to new heights, Better Nature is keen to prove that neutrality is merely the first step in the war against environmental damage and that only by actively creating a carbon and plastic deficit will the planet begin to regenerate. Anchored with the hashtag #proteinwithoutcompromise, the move is an indicator of what consumers can expect from Better Nature in the future.

The new range is set to include BBQ Ribz, Roast Bites, Kebab Strips and Rashers, all of which are a definitive break away from standard alt-meat offerings of buildable protein such as mince or plain pieces. Creating a line that promises to shake up both consumer taste buds and trends is likely to pique the interest of sustainability enthusiasts and industry peers alike.

But carbon and plastic-negative innovations are not the only announcement, as Kong revealed in his post that: “all of the products of our new range have secured an A-rating from Foodsteps, emitting roughly only 2g of CO2 per gram of product from cradle to grave with every step in the whole lifecycle of the product considered in their analysis.”

Announcing planet-positive business news on World Earth Day has given extra weight to the message, while also affording Kong an opportunity to spotlight those that have helped to bring the innovation into reality. Thanking both prominent figures within his own organisation and those from the partner companies, Kong has embraced the spirit of the day while steering his company towards a brighter future.

Speaking to The Vegan Review, Kong said: “Our mission is to make protein without compromise and we try to be as mindful as possible of the impact that we’re having on the environment when making our products. Going plastic- and carbon-negative is just a start to help us achieve that mission.”

Amy Buxton
Amy Buxton
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