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Incredible and beyond meat substitutes are emerging on menus everywhere, from taco shops to fine dining restaurants. In Miami, there is a wide range of vegan restaurants that serve delicious meat-free menus. While not only always healthy, Miami’s best vegan restaurants always leave you feeling lighter.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or simply seeking plant-based dining options, having personal recommendations is beneficial. That’s why we put together this list of Miami’s best vegan restaurants. Even the most curious carnivores will agree that the delicious vegan options available at these eateries will satisfy even the most fastidious palate. 

We’re convinced that using our top 10 list as a guide, you’ll find the best veggie dining experiences from breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in between.

Plant Miami



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Plant Miami vegan restaurant is an upmarket eatery that serves innovative plant-based food made with locally sourced ingredients such as edible flowers, micro-greens, and fruits from Paradise Farm. This restaurant not only specializes in certified vegan and kosher meals but also emphasizes conscious cooking. Thanks to a local resource known as Paradise Farms, only the most bright, clean, and organic food makes it onto your plate. 

Horacio Rivadero, Executive Chef, and Veronica Manolizi, Pastry Chef, create a menu based on seasonal ingredients and influences from South Florida. To enhance the nutritional offers, these culinary masterminds use a wide range of superfoods, medicinal herbs, historic spices, and 67 species of edible flowers. 

The menu includes both raw and cooked options. Organic or biodynamic wine, spirits, and craft cocktails are available at the full bar. Raw lasagna, gluten-free pancakes, beet tostada with macadamia nut cheese, vegan cheese board, and choco berry are some examples of dishes. Try one of the many biodynamic and organic alcoholic pairings with truffle noodles or tartufada. @plant Miami

Love Life Cafe



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Treat yourself to a delicious dinner at Wynwood’s Love Life Café in the cause of self-love. It constitutes a large vegan restaurant in Miami that serves plant-based meals and drinks, as well as some take-home products. Clean food created with the freshest ingredients is served at this tasty vegan restaurant. 

Love Life Cafe won the Best Veggie Burger in America title at the 2016 Seed Food & Wine Festival, which is no easy feat. However, don’t overlook the other plant-based options, such as the zucchini spaghetti or picadillo bowl, because they’re just as tasty. 

Soup of the day, pizza, salads, burgers, tacos, burritos, acai bowls, juices, smoothies, desserts, and coffee drinks are among the items on the menu.  @love life cafe

PLANTA South Beach



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Planta is an upscale, photogenic vegan restaurant, Miami, in South of Fifth. It has rightfully earned its reputation as a beloved local favorite thanks to its delicious vegan fare, excellent service, and delightful dining environment. Because animal proteins and products have no place on the PLANTA menu, savor ethically sourced and flavorful plant-based alternatives. The forward-thinking restaurant distinguishes itself through a sense of community, environmental awareness, and conscious sourcing.

PLANTA South Beach epitomizes these ideals with its rooftop garden, which provides many of the fruits and vegetables used in the sensational seasonal offerings. 

Planta South Beach vegan restaurant serves tasty meatless versions of sushi, burgers, pizza, queso, and other dishes made from plants and fruit. Like most photogenic South Beach spots, it’s a little pricey, but it can be a good option if you want to dress up and have a fancy (but meatless) dinner.  @planta

Thatch Miami



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Thatch, a large and incredibly pink plant-based vegan restaurant in Midtown, serves cuisine crafted with energy-dense superfoods and locally sourced ingredients. 

Dinner is served in the light dining room, while a more relaxed lunch is served during the day in the restaurant’s linked market.  Dinner here is more of a sit-down affair than a takeout operation. You can’t decide if you want to go to a market, a pub, or a restaurant. Thatch has it all. 

Their somewhat eclectic menu contains some tasty items such as crispy cauliflower that pairs well with the spicy mango sauce on the table. Choose from one of 17 professionally crafted cocktails. Enjoy Thatch’s intimate dining experience or order online for delectable at-home delicacies like kung pao tofu or a crispy mushroom sandwich.@thatchmiami

Organic Food Kings



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Organic Food Kings, a family-owned business, proves that vegan comfort food can be both delicious and practical. Stop by its plant-based food truck for some daily made-to-order nibbles. The selections at this vegan-friendly restaurant are vast, with organic offerings ranging from tacos to BBQ. 

A mango crazy smoothie, created to be enjoyed in the covered outside seating area, is a great way to beat the Miami heat. Try the completely loaded fries or the buffalo fried chicken for a more substantial meal. Who knew comfort food could be so pleasurable?@organicfoodkings

The Plantisserie

The Patisserie vegan restaurant, Miami, prepares delectable vegan cuisine using ingredients found in nature. This organic deli and market serve plant-based food by the pound, making it a really unique experience. Pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and preservatives are not included in any of the ingredients. You’ll find not only fresh food but also delicious and healthful treats produced by local artists, thanks to the soil to store principle.. @theplantisserie

The vegetarian menu options include delicious items such as; Spanish Mini Tortilla, Green Mini Tortilla, Quiche Squash, Corn and Cashew Mozzarella, Quiche Spinach and Artichoke, Quinoa Mini Croquettes. 

Everything is available for takeout or indoor and outdoor eating. If you’re in a hurry, they also sell frozen versions of most of their dinners, as well as vegan pizza, lentil burger patties, organic wines, and a few other pantry things that will almost certainly result in you spending $25 more than you intended.

Manna Life Food



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Manna Life Food has been providing the best and brightest vegan snacks to the people of Miami since 2016. Fan favorites include superfood arepas, smoothies, and sweet bowls, to name a few. A rainbow of hues can brighten up your plate, whether you’re eating a salad or a sweet dish. 

Superfoods, nutrient-dense seeds, beans, greens, and berries may be found in almost every dish, drink, and cold-pressed juice available. Everything on the vegan-friendly menu is created in-house, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, and it tastes delicious. Ground corn, chia, and golden flax seeds are used in a superfood version of the classic Venezuelan arepa cooked in coconut oil. For a healthy alternative to pizza, get one with cashew-nut cheese and roasted red peppers.

This holistic and health-conscious community welcomes visitors to eat whatever they like, knowing that everything they eat has been carefully curated and hand-selected from fresh local farms. @mannalifefood

Puro’s Vegan Restaurant, Miami

When everything is gluten-free and vegetarian, stuffing oneself with thin-crust pizza and house-made pasta feels a little less gluttonous. 

Puro’s, located atop the Luna Park Food Hall in Brickell, will provide you with a similar sensation. There aren’t only simple meat substitutes on the menu; there’s also the floury gluten-free burrata and pumpkin pizza, as well as the pansotti guacanuts: fresh pasta with a selection of herbs you won’t find anywhere else.

If carb-bombing isn’t your thing, there’s also a good selection of juices and smoothies to choose from. The rest of your table, on the other hand, will most likely make you envious.

Planta vegan-friendly restaurant, Miami


PLANTA’s mission is to provide visitors with an uncompromising restaurant experience that promotes environmental sustainability, in addition to removing animals from the plate. PLANTA, listed repeatedly among the best restaurant for vegans in Miami is led by chef David Lee, and proudly serves food made with high-quality ingredients sourced from ethical sources. Cauliflower tots, PLANTA burger, lettuce wraps, bianca pizza, aloe vistas, chocolate terrarium, and more can be found at the PLANTA flagship.

Blue Collar

Most people come to Blue Collar; a vegan fast food option in Miami,  for the rib, Parm, and braised beef specials. However, by delving a little deeper, you’ll find something only real vegans and vegetarians would appreciate: a veggie chalkboard with over 20 distinct $6 choices. Sautéed spinach, roasted artichoke hearts, sweet potato plantain mash, and even vegan fried rice are among the dishes on the vegetarian menu option. While your companions savor brisket and steak, order a vegetarian plate, which combines four of your favorite meals into a vibrant and flavorful lunch for one.


Delicious Raw

Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar’s passion serves food that not only tastes great but is also good for you. To stay on the cutting edge of healthy haute cuisine, the plant-based menu is constantly evolving. Furthermore, the ingredients are always sourced with quality, freshness, and environmentally responsible farming practices in mind. Healthy eating has never tasted so good!

Delicious Raw is a haven for anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life. Throughout the day, their wellness shots provide targeted nutritional boosts. They also make enticing food and snack alternatives and delicious, highly nutritious juices and smoothies made with fresh fruit and vegetables.

So there you have it: our list of the best vegan restaurants in Miami, FL.

Eating meals that nourish the mind and body makes it easy to come to terms with the notion that we are what we eat. We wish you a pleasant dining experience!

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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