The best vegan mayo brands on the market

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From potato salads to burgers, plant-based mayonnaise is the versatile condiment we all need. Here are the best vegan mayo brands on the market.

When I first approached the subject of writing about vegan mayo, I was racking my brain to understand the importance. Could I really fill an entire article with information about this condiment and, even further, would anyone care?

Turns out people care a whole lot more about mayonnaise than I realised. Upon starting my quest down the vegan mayo wormhole, I was startled to discover that mayonnaise is far and above the most popular condiment in the US.

Mayonnaise literally sells ketchup two to one. Who would have thought?

Furthermore, in the UK, an estimated 7 million people use mayonnaise at least once per week, and 5.7 million claim to use it two to three times per week. And those numbers are growing.
I’ll admit, this assignment was starting to intrigue me. Granted, we are here to look at vegan mayonnaise but honestly, before understanding just how much traditional mayonnaise was being consumed, I didn’t grasp the full extent of how important veganising this popular condiment was. News flash to me: it is very important.

Why is mayonnaise not vegan?

vegan mayonnaiseBefore we dive into the wonders of vegan mayo, we need to address the issues that come with traditional mayonnaise.
For those of you who do not know, mayonnaise contains eggs. Unfortunately, the egg production industry is quite troublesome. In the US alone, over 111 billion eggs are produced annually and, as many as 95% of those chickens are kept in small, battery cages.

On small and large farms alike, for every one egg-laying female hen, one male chick is killed as a newborn because they serve no purpose to the farmers. That equates to more than 260 million male chicks every year.

What about cage-free eggs?

Unfortunately, many of the terms used in the animal agriculture industry are not regulated and therefore can be quite deceiving. There is no government regulation or enforcement on “free-range”, and “cage-free” simply means they are not kept in cages. More often than not, cage-free hens still live in cramped quarters with no access to the outdoors.

Read our in-depth story about the problems with cage-free eggs

What is vegan mayo?

The trouble with eggs is one of the main reasons there is an increasing number of people adopting a vegan lifestyle. Lucky for us, there are some amazing brands out there providing all the vegan condiments we could ever hope for, including vegan mayo.

Vegan mayo is really as simple as it sounds: it’s mayonnaise without the eggs. Most brands or homemade versions are crafted with three basic ingredients: soybeans, oil and salt.

In my opinion, they really have been able to craft some incredible alternatives so you will not miss the real thing. Here are the best vegan mayo brands on the market.



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One of the pioneers, vegan brand Follow Your Heart is easily one of the first picks for the best vegan mayo brand. Follow Your Heart was founded in 1970, long before the days of JUST Egg and Beyond Meat, as a small restaurant in Canoga Park, California.

In 1977, it launched its first bottle condiment: Vegenaise. Fast-forward to today, not only does it have one of the most popular vegan mayo products, but it has also brought us other coveted condiments like vegan ranch and a vegan blue cheese dressing. All hail, Follow Your Heart.

How we enjoy it: On a loaded vegan sandwich.

O’Dang Foods


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O’Dang Foods is great at bringing us all the flavour. Its egg-free mayos include Cucumber Dill, Lemon Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper flavours.

This newcomer to the vegan condiment game actually started with a hummus dressing (we highly recommend checking that out as well) and later expanded into vegan mayo. Its philosophy is to use wholesome, high-quality ingredients and turn them into the products of our dreams.

How we enjoy it: We love the Lemon Garlic slathered on a fresh falafel.

Chosen Foods


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The delectable vegan mayo from Chosen Foods is made from heart-healthy avocado oil. It also use aquafaba to achieve a whipped, creamy texture.

Chosen Foods was established in 2011 with a goal to bring avocado to the forefront of cooking. Its popular avocado oil and cooking spray launched into a robust product line of dressings, guacamole, and, of course, vegan mayo.

How we enjoy it: We toss a dollop of the Harissa Mayo of our vegan tacos.

Sir Kensington’s


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Sir Kensington’s is a B Corp determined to upgrade your condiments. While not all of its products are vegan, it has some incredible ketchup, spicy brown mustard, and four flavours of mayonnaise that are.

Sir Kensington’s egg-free varieties are deli-tested and delicious. Using avocado oil, sunflower oil and aquafaba, it has crafted perfectly creamy vegan mayo that comes in Classic, Chipotle, Special Sauce, and Avocado Oil flavours.

How we enjoy it: The Chipotle Mayo atop a black bean burger.

Primal Kitchen


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Primal Kitchen has quickly risen in the ranks to become a fast-growing, cult-favourite condiment brand. Popular because of its paleo twist on condiments, it also has numerous products that are vegan, like the Vegan Mayo and Dip spread.

Crafted with minimal ingredients, including avocado oil and potato protein, it makes for a delicious and healthy choice. Find it in Original, Jalapeño Lime, and Rosemary Garlic variants.

How we enjoy it: Jalapeño Lime on loaded vegan breakfast burritos.

Jackie Lutze
Jackie Lutze
Jackie is a sustainable fashion designer and writer currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO with her rescue dog, Walter, and husband. She has been an ethical vegan for over 12 years and writes mostly about sustainable fashion, travel and lifestyle. She is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Corporate Sustainability with hopes to continue to educate and help create a more ethical fashion industry.