The best US vegan products in 2020

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The vegan industry can no longer be dismissed as just a trend. Plant-based businesses are still booming in 2020 and we have more vegan product choices than ever before!

With so many new products on the market, it can be really difficult to find those that truly stand out, which is why I’ve compiled this list of some of the best and most exciting US vegan products to try in 2020.

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2020 – The Best Year Yet for Veganism?

Innova Market Insights, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, declared 2020 as the year of the “plant-based revolution”.

The rise of conscious consumerism and people’s drive to eat more healthy and balanced food has led to a significant increase in demand for vegan products. And it’s not just food and drink that is experiencing this change; the beauty, fashion, and even pharmaceutical industries are following suit!

US Vegan Products to Try in 2020

I’ve tried to pick out my favourite plant-based products based on personal experience and thorough research. I’ve chosen items made by vegan brands and sustainable companies to bring you the best products in 2020.

1. KINDri’s Pomegranate & Cactus Serum

kindri vegan beauty oil

Based in Los Angeles, California, Robin McDonald started making KINDri vegan skincare products from her own kitchen after refusing to use the chemicals and harsh treatments that are available on the market today. As a cactus enthusiast, Robin is aware of the many benefits of the prickly pear cactus, including its ability to regenerate skin and soothe inflammation. This is why cactus oil features in many of her vegan beauty products.

Do KINDri’s beauty oils work? You betcha! I’ve tried and tested KINDri’s Cactus & Rose Illuminating Face Oil whilst travelling around the US and my skin has never felt softer. Robin’s latest vegan product, showcased in 2020, is the Pomegranate & Cactus Serum. Not only will this smell divine, but it also contains cold-pressed pomegranate extract. Research suggests that this amazing plant oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has even shown promise as a chemopreventative agent against skin cancer!

2. Miyoko’s Spreadable Cultured Vegan Oat Milk Butter

Miyokos Spreadable Cultured Vegan Oat Milk Butter

Debuted in 2020, Miyoko’s Creamery has made the world’s first cultured oat milk butter! Available in Sea Salt or Garlic Parm, this magical spread is vegan; certified organic; GMO-, gluten-, lactose-, cashew-, and soy-free; allergen-friendly; and free from cholesterol. Founded by Miyoko Schinner, Miyoko’s Creamery have created delicious award-winning vegan products that certainly deliver on flavour.

What makes them stand out from other vegan brands? Miyoko’s Creamery is very active in its campaigning. In fact, the company is currently tackling the dairy industry head-on by working with struggling farmers to help them transition to the vegan supply chain. Miyoko has even filed a lawsuit against officials in the California Department of Food and Agriculture for violating its First Amendment rights by ordering the business to remove words such as “butter” from the company’s branding.

3. Suga’s Sugamats

vegan recycled yoga mat vegan product US

Suga: where the worlds of yogis and surfers collide. This Californian brand was founded by a yoga practitioner and life-long surfer who decided to solve the problem of old wetsuits going to landfill. The solution? Sustainable and vegan yoga mats made entirely from recycled neoprene wetsuits!

As of May 2020, Suga has collected 12,574 wetsuits and saved 32 tons of non-biodegradable neoprene from landfill, which normally would have polluted the earth with petrochemicals. What’s more, the company has even created its own circular economy by offering a recycling service for wetsuits and Sugamats. The yoga mats are 100% recyclable, so they have infinite lives!

4. Wonderlab’s Banana Cinnamon Date Swirl Doozy Pots

vegan products US vegan ice cream

Okay, technically this showcased in 2019…but I’ve only just come across it, so it counts as 2020! This Doozy Pot of deliciousness is made from a creamy organic hemp and oat base which is blended with organic bananas, laced with organic date syrup, and dashed with comforting Sri Lankan cinnamon. Does gelato get any better than this?

Founded by Kirsten Sutaria, this family-owned and female-led business endeavour to do what’s best for the animals and the environment. Consequently, not only are their products vegan. But they also use organic ingredients that play a role in promoting a regenerative food system. In fact, hemp and oat crops have an impressive ability to capture carbon and resist drought.

Wonderlab endeavours to use sustainable crops to ensure that the earth nourished and healthy. Moreover, Doozy Pot’s packaging made from 32% post-consumer recycled fibres and. The eco-conscious brand continues to look for more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Alice Johnson 
Alice Johnson 
Alice Johnson is a freelance writer, keen musician, and co-founder of Vegan Sisters’ Online Community, which offers training courses for content writers. She is passionate about public health, animal rights, sustainable living, plant-based food, travelling, conservation, and rescuing stray animals on her way around the world. Alice has made appearances on BBC News and her work has been published in national scientific journals, print magazines, and on web-based news channels. When she’s not in the kitchen experimenting with cashew cheese, homemade body moisturisers, and vegan kimchi, you probably won’t be able to find her as she will be off gallivanting around the world.