Bar Vegan Atlanta: vegan, but a vibe

If there was a way to enjoy a cocktail while treating your body to some vital nutrients, you’d do it, right? Then say hello to Bar Vegan Atlanta.

If you’re wondering how good a vegan cocktail bar could be, bear in mind that this one is part of the Slutty Vegan family, meaning that alongside incredible bar creations, you’ll find some of the best vegan food in the United States.

You can’t deny that Aisha “Pinky” Cole has a great eye for an opportunity, but far from wanting to do something standard, once again she has taken an idea and created magic with Bar Vegan Atlanta.

What makes Bar Vegan Atlanta so special?


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Well, it’s not just a bar, it’s a full experience, located in the central food hall in the Ponce City Market. Unique takes on classic cocktails, including cosmopolitans, margaritas and old fashioneds, mean that zingy boosters are added, while the serving hardware is anything but the norm as well.

What’s that? You’ve never drunk cocktails out of an old fire extinguisher or a Ferris wheel before? Then you’ve not yet had the pleasure of the so-called “bar theater” that Cole has orchestrated.

How does Pinky Cole do it?

Ask anyone in Atlanta and they’ll tell you that Cole is a legend. From the Slutty Vegan food truck to the always popular Atlanta restaurant, her ideas, recipes and passion come together in a delicious amalgamation of vegan perfection. It stands to reason, when you think about it, that she’d turn her attention to funky cocktails and decadent bar food too.

The only real shock is the relatively understated name: Bar Vegan Atlanta. Though the website has that familiar dynamic, colourful vibe that is synonymous with Slutty Vegan.

New to Slutty Vegan? Find out all about the breakout success story.

What’s to drink?


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A full menu of “experience cocktails” is on offer. You’ll recognise some of the names, but you might not get the exact taste you’re expecting, so be sure to ask your drinks artist what they recommend. Everything is handcrafted to order, though one drink that everybody seems to love is the foreign fruit punch.

Not into cocktails or alcohol? That’s cool. There’s plenty of soft alternatives and you’ll kick yourself forever if you don’t at least try the pineapple cream soda, regardless of what else you’re ordering.

There’s Slutty Vegan food too, right?

Oh yeah, there is, but that’s not all. Cole selected some of the favourite Slutty Vegan burgers and tater tots to serve at the bar, but she also drafted in Derrick Hayes from Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks to create a range of snacks including vegan egg rolls, cauliflower wings and, of course, steak-free cheesesteaks.

Why? Because you’re not always in the mood for an oozing, stacked plant-based burger with your fancy cocktail. Sometimes, you want the finger foods that take the edge off and taste great but don’t leave you needing a nap afterwards.

What could possibly be next?

pinky coleFrom a food delivery service that captured the hearts and stomachs of Atlanta to a food truck, a restaurant and now a cocktail bar, Cole is a living legend of the vegan world. Bar Vegan Atlanta is only the latest way that she is delivering what her customers want and there’s no doubt whatsoever that it won’t be her last innovation.

It does make us wonder what the food will be served on in a few years, though, if fire extinguishers count as drinking vessels now.

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