Banza Launches Masterpiece’zas for a Creative Family Meal

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There’s a brand, called Banza, that those living with young ones need to know about. They are the makers of chickpea-based comfort foods, and today they have announced their Banza Masterpiece’zas – a pizza kit that masquerades as an art canvas. 

According to a survey undertaken by Banza, 86% of parents report of having at least one fussy eater in their family, meaning dinnertimes can be a challenge (I would definitely be one of those 86%!) And with it being back-to-school season, Banza Masterpiece’zas are the perfect way to keep everything running smoothly, tummies full, and everyone happy with the choice of evening meal. 

Masterpiece’zas and Whole Foods Market Charity

The kits are available at the Banza website, with 50% of sales being donated to Whole Kids Foundation. This charity was set up by Whole Foods Market to help inspire and improve children’s nutritious well-being, through the use of grants as well as education at schools. 

Within the Banza Masterpiece’zas kits, you will find simple, yet healthy ingredients that double up as art supplies, meaning better versions of the foods children love. Each kit contains:

“We created Banza Masterpiece’zas to inspire creativity and joy around a nutritious dinner,” said Brian Rudolph, Banza Co-Founder and CEO. “Chickpeas are one of the best foods for human health and the environment. To celebrate the versatility of the ingredient and the love for pizza, we’re challenging our community to use Banza’s pizza crust as a canvas for art.”

We absolutely love pizza – these look so fantastic, and we look forward to trying them out on our own budding artists within the TVR family. If you’d like to give one a go, visit the Banza website


Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson is an entrepreneur and founder of The Vegan Review. Damoy is dedicated to spreading veganism to the masses which he believes will enable people to make better, more informed decisions concerning the way we all interact with animals and our planet.