Tijen Najarian

Tijen holds a certification in Vegan Nutrition, and Chinese Medicine from the University of Hong Kong. When Tijen was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 23, she set out on a path that would dramatically change the course of her life. After years of pain, struggles with the effects of medication, and countless differing opinions from Western doctors, Tijen put her trust in a holistic practitioner and began educating herself on natural medicine and healing remedies. Upon learning that certain foods are inflammatory to the gut microbiome, she chose to cut all animal-based foods from her diet. Based in New York City, she has been in remission for five years and has been blogging her health journey and struggles inspiring many to go vegan themselves, a decision that would ultimately lead to her brand Tijen the Vegan.
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kona coffee

A cup of aloha: the sustainable practices and legal fight for Kona Coffee

Known for its unique flavour and growing process, Hawaii’s Kona coffee farmers have been employing sustainable practices whilst battling false marketing. Kona coffee is grown...
food forests

Food forests are becoming more popular. But what are they?

The food industry can have misleading products and cases of unethical practices. As we become more aware of what we consume, the idea of...
hermit crabs

Why hermit crabs are one of the world’s most abused pets

We buy them as pets for children after spotting them on the boardwalk, picking favourites through the painted shells, but where do hermit crabs...
pet parrots

Pet parrots: neglected birds fill up sanctuaries as illegal trade continues

Parrot sanctuaries are seeing a rise in numbers as consumers turn a blind eye to these birds, instead fuelling the illegal parrot trade industry. One...
Tijen Najarian

The heavy metals found in vegan protein powders

Protein powders are an excellent way of meeting vegan protein needs, but many contain fillers and heavy metals that are known carcinogens. Vegans strive to...
Tijen Najarian

The problem with vegan coffee creamers

The plant-based industry has exploded with alternatives recently, including vegan coffee creamers. But when you take a look at the ingredients, dairy isn’t the...
Tijen Najarian

The problem with conventional period products

The conventional cotton in organic period products is among the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides. Should we use them regularly? Organic tampons and pads...
Tijen Najarian

Systemic racism: history dictating America’s current food apartheid

The current food apartheid and systemic racism in the American food system is marked by historical beliefs and practices. Every weekend, I drive to my...
Tijen Najarian

How a plant-based diet bettered my gut health

Before you follow the next health trend, read how a plant-based diet helped put my Crohn’s Disease in remission and created a healthy gut...