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vegan reviews

The Vegan Review introduces Reviews section for its readers

The Reviews section will feature feedback and ratings for popular vegan products by and for readers and customers. The Vegan Review has introduced a new...
vegan inventions

Vegan Inventions: sample products, give feedback, create change — all for free

The Vegan Review co-founders Damoy Robertson and Jaimie van Duin talk their new product sampling platform, Vegan Inventions. This outlet almost wasn’t called The Vegan...
felix rome

Felix Rome: ‘Wildlife photography is a great way to protect animals’

Wildlife photographer Felix Rome shares the story behind his photographs and explains how photography can protect wildlife. This interview has been edited for clarity and...
Meatless Farm Tacos

The Vegan Review partners with Meatless Farm

The Vegan Review is pleased to announce a new US-focused 2021 brand partnership with UK-founded alt-meat brand Meatless Farm. Known and respected for its unfussy...

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