Ted Jeffery

Ted is a freelance journalist and political blogger he is currently studying for an MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at City, University of London. Passionate about unreported stories, he believes the world of veganism and the complexities of climate change are issues that need more coverage.
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tiger king zoo

PETA pressures Tiger King zoo into closure

The zoo made popular by Netflix series Tiger King has permanently closed, following pressure by animal rights charity PETA. The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park,...
animal rebellion september protests

Animal Rebellion to take daily action against the UK government in September

Animal Rebellion tells The Vegan Review it cannot let the UK government ignore the animal emergency, ahead of daily protests in September. Animal Rebellion has...
enfield council meat ban

Enfield Council’s meat ban: a sensible policy or eco-fascism?

Is Enfield Council's meat ban at local events a credible plan to tackle climate change, or is it just eco-fascism? Vegan activists and conservative...

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