Sunayana Samantaray

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space climate change

Are space missions a friend or foe to Earth and its climate?

There are tons of pros and cons for space missions and technologies, it is up to you to decide whether it’s climate change-friendly or...
reduce carbon footprint

How to reduce your individual carbon footprint

Find your individual greenhouse gas emissions and how you can reduce your carbon footprint to do your part to conserve the planet. Among the major...
yemen climate change

Why Yemen’s civil war is also an environmental one

A Yemeni local reflects on the ongoing civil war and its consequences on Yemen’s environment and climate change as a whole. The abundance of food...
tibet climate change

Why Tibet’s occupation by China afflicts both human rights and climate change

A Tibetan explains how the plateau faces human rights violations and environmental crises due to China’s illegal occupation. Security, food, and freedom of expression are...

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