Sharannya Mukherji

Sharannya, to her surprise, currently finds herself studying Economics at Delhi University. Delhi being her second home is her subject of obsession and her idea of a conversation starter is historical trivia that no one asked for. She experiments with writing about various things while hoarding cups of chai in her room. She loves spending time with her camera, doodling, and bullying her dogs.
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A ditty for the earth: Indian artist Aditi Veena on the intersection of music and ecology

Singer-songwriter Aditi Veena, known as Ditty, talks urban ecology, living in Sri Lanka, and going on India’s first carbon-neutral music tour. ‘Urban ecologist by day,...
kira issar

Indian photographer Kira Issar on ecofeminism, religion, veganism and art

Indian photographer and vegan Kira Issar talks about her plant-based journey, its portrayal as an elitist lifestyle, and why she identifies as an ecofeminist. Kira...

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