Safiyyah Bazemore

Safiyyah is a freelance writer, vegan foodie, and market research strategist who calls the U.S. west coast home. Apart from writing and eating, she's wildly passionate about building vegan community by hosting local 'eatups' and by sharing her love of vegan baking with everyone that crosses her path. Safiyyah is also a yogi, herbalist, and a nomadic soul on a mission to make the world a brighter, more compassionate place.
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vegan sushi

Chikyū review: Vegan sushi dreams made real

Vegan sushi gets a facelift with Chikyū, a new branch of a restaurant family that recently opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. How does elevated vegan...
vegan digital nomad

The 10 best cities to be a vegan digital nomad

Remote work and travel as a vegan is better when you know where to go! Here’s a breakdown of top cities around the world...
vegan community

How to build a vegan community: One changemaker weighs In

How can you build a community of vegans? Britty Hamby of ATX Vegans and Planted Society shares her experiences and advice on building a...
vegan myths

7 common vegan myths, debunked

No matter where you are in your vegan journey, you’ve probably heard at least one of these classic claims — likely more than once....
Safiyyah Bazemore

How to start a vegan business from home

Have you always dreamed of starting your very own vegan business, whether as a side hustle or a full-time gig? Here’s what you should...
Safiyyah Bazemore

Citizen Eatery Review: The Perfect Time for Breakfast is Always

Breakfast all day, a full bar, and a space that’s perfect for all types of crowds, vegan or not. Citizen Eatery is a much-loved...
Safiyyah Bazemore

SÜPRMARKT Brings Organic Eating to Underserved Communities

Organic grocery pop-up SÜPRMARKT, founded by longtime vegan Olympia Auset, makes healthy eating easy for low-income communities in Los Angeles. Vegan or not, having regular...
Safiyyah Bazemore

From fatigued meat-eater to vegan: A story of transformation

Meat-eater to vegan is a journey, but why do you choose to do it? Whether you’ve been enjoying the lifestyle for 2 months or 20...
Safiyyah Bazemore

New vegan butcher takes Las Vegas by storm

Vegans and butcheries simply don’t mix. When your values are centered on compassion to all living beings, ending animal suffering, and ultimately avoiding the...