Parag Dass

Parag is a Political Science student at the University of Amsterdam's Liberal Arts College, with a newfound interest in plant-based living and its surrounding politics. He enjoys chai, and these days takes it with oat milk.
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unilever vegan

Unilever and the vegan industry: is its newfound leverage truly in with the lifestyle?

Analysing corporate giant Unilever's controversial history with sustainability and its newfound interests in the vegan industry. Global corporate giant Unilever has recently entered the plant-based...
nestle plant-based

Nestlé in the plant-based industry: Does it deserve its place?

An insight into Nestlé’s place in the plant-based market — an area where it's growing aggressively — and its track record of water (mis)management. Nestlé...
maple leaf foods

Lightlife parent company Maple Leaf Foods and its interests in the plant-based meat market

Meat producers like Maple Leaf Foods are advancing their stakes in the plant-based market sector: who are they and what does this mean for...
cattle farming india

Cattle farming: The Indian dairy and beef industries

A look into the dairy and beef industries in India, exploring the ban on beef, the popularity of milk, and cattle farming practices in...

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