Olivia Rafferty

Olivia is the Assistant Editor of The Vegan Review. An aspiring Middle Eastern correspondent currently studying journalism at City, University of London, she is passionate about the planet, she believes veganism is the first step to solving the complexities of climate change.
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vegan children

Raising children vegan: what traditional plant-based diets have taught us

Veganism is steadily on the rise, especially among younger people. While some parents are concerned vegan diets are unsustainable for children, others have been...
kate strong

Vegan world triathlon champion Kate Strong: ‘My biggest success was doing something for me’

Kate Strong had just emerged from a toxic relationship when she first put on a pair of trainers. This year, she’s attempting three world...
Moreangels Mbizah

Moreangels Mbizah on wildlife conservation: ‘It’s a race against time’

On a mission to help humans and the most dangerous of wildlife coexist, Moreangels Mbizah is breaking barriers for female Black conservationists. Sitting in her...
vegan easter

Our guide to the best products to celebrate a vegan-friendly Easter 2021

Replacing the traditional chocolate, ham roast, and cake to have a vegan-friendly Easter is easier than you think. Here's our vegan guide to Easter...
Olivia Rafferty

Meat Marketing: The Power Of Advertising On The Need For Meat

Documentaries like The Game Changers have transformed global views on needing meat for protein. But where did this need arise? And why do people...
Olivia Rafferty

Is Palm Oil Bad? The Consequences On Wildlife And The Environment

With more and more people turning vegan for animal wellbeing and the climate, questions concerning the planet’s palm plantations are on the rise. Although palm...
Olivia Rafferty

Green weaning: Raising children on a balanced plant-based diet

Some experts claim a vegan diet leads to nutrient deficiencies and faltering growth in children. But with 1 in 12 parents currently raising vegan...
Olivia Rafferty

Artivism: “Giving The Voiceless A Voice”

Artivism After 2019 was dubbed “the year of street protest”, 2020’s Covid-19 put mass demonstrations abruptly on hold. But from balcony singing to webinars, to...
Olivia Rafferty

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is boosting the plant-based industry

Veganism is swiftly on the rise, but a higher investment in plant-based focused artificial intelligence (AI) could soon produce an even steeper curve. Tech world...
Olivia Rafferty

How plant-based running in lockdown works

Running in Lockdowns While countries worldwide are undergoing strict lockdowns, and gyms and common areas are being banned from use – running is on the...