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Olivia Preston is currently living and studying to be a world-class journalist in London. Fan of fashion, politics, feminist activism and all things canine. A very happy individual!
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eco weddings

A guide to ethical wedding venues in the U.K

In a relationship? Engaged? Or just curious about vegan wedding venues? This list has all your vegan nuptial location questions covered. Weddings are gloriously happy...
vegan gifts

Gifts for vegans: Here’s what to buy while reducing waste

Buying presents can be wasteful, especially during festive times. Here are some ideas for gifts you can buy for vegans without polluting landfills. From graduations...
vegan vs vegetarian breakfast

From vegetarian to vegan: Take the next step with your breakfast

Converting from vegetarian to vegan may be daunting, but with a host of easily accessible alternatives, the transition is easier than ever. Vegetarianism has firmly...
zero-waste vegan cafes london

5 of the best zero-waste cafes and restaurants in London

Many eateries are constantly making efforts to reduce waste and become more sustainable. Here are some of the best zero-waste cafes in London. Ever wondered...
Olivia Preston

The JRE podcast and important vegan conversations

Vegan Conversations The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has had its fair share of vegan conversations and controversies.  In 2016, Rogan talked with a clinician and Paleo...
Olivia Preston

The Complete List of Vegan Documentaries on Netflix

Why do we need another Netflix vegan documentaries list? Documentaries are an entertaining and powerful way to learn. If you're new to the vegan lifestyle...
Olivia Preston

When Did Flora Become Vegan?

Flora, the spread brand, is a staple in kitchens up and down the UK with its versatility and health benefits making it a great...
Olivia Preston

COVID-19 And Its Impact On Animal Welfare

COVID-19 and its impact on animal welfare has remained out of the spotlight. The coronavirus has forced animal shelters to close, which means visitation...
Olivia Preston

Vegan Condiments: The Brands Paving The Way

The Importance of Condiments They accompany everyone’s food favourites, from chips and jacket potatoes to salad and burgers. Condiments can add that extra zing needed...
Olivia Preston

Easy Vegan Recipes To Try While Self-Isolating

Self-isolating? Cupboards a bit bare? Fan of sweet or savoury? Looking for a protein punch? This is all covered below, with 3 ingredients easy...