Nadine Monteiro

Nadine is a Liberal Arts student at Leiden University at The Hague, with a passion for anthropology, sustainable development, and human rights. Dabbling in the fields of content creation and journalism led her to The Vegan Review where she explores her enthusiasm for health and nutrition. She is a strong advocate for body acceptance and Health and Every Size (HAES) and aims to bring more representation of body diversity into the mainstream. You're most likely to catch her either on a new travel adventure, knee-deep into an obscure podcast or attempting to make homemade nut butters - there is no in-between.
7 Articles written
mollem national park

Goa: Mollem’s biodiversity under threat by industrial onslaught

With government-sanctioned development projects threatening biodiversity, students and activists are rallying to protect the natural identity of Goa's Mollem National Park. Known for its scenic...
freelee the banana girl

Is TikToker Freelee The Banana Girl promoting vegan extremism?

Vegan blogger Freelee The Banana Girl’s daily diet includes devouring half a watermelon for breakfast and eating vegan ice cream for lunch. Is that...
siddhi ghadi

Siddhi Ghadi on writing a vegan cookbook to raise funds for the NHS

20-year-old Siddhi Gadhi talks writing recipe e-book Vegan Up! to fundraise for the NHS, plant-parenting and overcoming an eating disorder. Vegan enthusiast, self-proclaimed plant-mom, artist...
legumes guide

Diversify your protein palette: a comprehensive guide to legumes

Traditionally originating in the global South, here's a list of protein-packed legumes that are taking the Western world over by storm. Legumes, lentils, pulses —...

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