Muskaan Gupta

Muskaan is a history undergraduate at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. Having grown up in different cities in India, she is passionate about food and culture. When she's not experimenting in the kitchen, you can find her invested in films and music. She is always looking for new things to do, is interested in studying food history and juggles between her love for filmmaking, writing and knowing the quirks of the world.
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the multiverse

Functional mushrooms: how to maximise your vegan nutrition with fungi

With the mycelium kingdom sweeping the vegan network, The Multiverse marketplace helps you spot quality functional mushrooms to optimise your health. Be it, with an...
vegan egg substitute

Testing 7 egg substitutes for the perfect vegan cookie

Two questions were put to test — which egg substitute mimics an egg closely for the perfect vegan cookie, and can you veganise all...

Haofood’s CEO on creating the world’s first peanut-based chicken

Astrid Prajogo, founder of Chinese food tech startup Haofood, on creating the world’s first peanut protein chicken, sustainability and delicious food. Another vegan success story,...
vegan scrambled egg

EVO Foods: Revolutionising India’s alt-protein industry, one egg at a time

Mumbai-based startup EVO Foods has created India’s first liquid egg. Co-founder Shraddha Bhansali shares their journey into the alt-protein industry. The co-founders of EVO Foods,...
Muskaan Gupta

FABORG’s Calotropis revolution: Vegan wool, organic farming and zero-waste solutions

Indian startup FABORG has created Weganool: vegan cashmere wool made from Calotropis, with a zero-waste model for the plant. In the quest to find sustainable...
Muskaan Gupta

MommyPure is India’s first plastic-negative, cruelty-free, vegan baby care brand

Indian brand MommyPure has launched a range of safe and cruelty-free babycare products made from vegan ingredients, produced ethically, with 100% recyclable packaging. MommyPure launched...
Muskaan Gupta

Making vegan Indian musical instruments: Into the minds of creative geniuses

Hear from music-loving vegans about sustainability, passion, experimentation, and creating their own line of vegan musical instruments in India. Vikram Shastri is a Mumbai-based activist...
Muskaan Gupta

Inside India’s world-leading dairy industry

India is the world’s largest milk-producing nation in the world. Here’s an insight into its dairy industry, and why it’s the biggest obstacle to...
Muskaan Gupta

What is hindering India’s vegan revolution?

Exploring the challenges to veganism in a nation with deep cultural roots and wide culinary choices. Can India go vegan? Pacifists believe the core of...