Matt Donaghy

Matthew is a journalism student from Ireland, living in London. He is an avid musician, a keen reader and always looking to delve into new things. Motivated by his vegan friends, Matthew is open to exploring the world of vegan subcultures and how they link with the world around us. You’ll probably find him in a hip London music venue listening to new bands and finding new things things to write about.
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supermarkets sustainability

Supermarkets and sustainability: How are the Big Four doing?

With 17% of UK households eating less meat, the Big Four supermarkets are doing their bit to win over customers by releasing new vegan...
vegan chili

From Lisburn to London: My struggles with going vegan

Being from a small town outside Belfast, I grew up eating meat. Now, the sceptic in me has turned fully vegan, a journey with...
vegan candy

Vegan candy: Big and small companies are cashing in on plant-based sweets

Fruit Pastilles are going plant-based, but they're just the latest in a host of vegan candy products by companies big and small. With the recent...
victoria park market

Victoria Park Market review: A vegan paradise in Hackney

Just south of Hackney lies Victoria Park Market, with street food, fresh produce, and desserts. The stalls offer some eye-catching vegan dishes and produce...
Matt Donaghy

How fashion brands are embracing vegan leather in innovative ways

Consumer interest in vegan leather is on the up. While faux leather has been around for a while, brands like Phool and Modern Meadow...
Matt Donaghy

The rise of veganism in the ice hockey community

Former ice hockey player and vegan TJ Galiardi speaks to The Vegan Review about how the sport is embracing the plant-based lifestyle. Mayhem on skates,...
Matt Donaghy

Plant-based wrestlers: a vegan diet for peak performance

With The Game Changers proving muscle-building protein can be fully obtained from plant sources, athletes across the world are changing their diets. Vegan wrestlers...
Matt Donaghy

Veganism and punk rock: An unexpected duo

On the surface, it's hard to see a connection. But dig a little deeper, and you'll see that veganism and punk rock are intrinsically...