Lisa Gawthorne

Lisa Gawthorne is one of the Co-Founders of vegan food marketing and distribution business Bravura Foods. Lisa’s been vegan for eighteen years and vegetarian since age six. She is a regular public speaker on the topics of veganism, athletics, business and climate change. Author of the health and fitness book Gone in 60 Minutes, Lisa is also on Team GB for her age group as a plant-powered Duathlete and is also an England and British Masters runner.
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vegan angry

Why do people get angry towards vegans?

Saving the animals, the planet and building a healthier future sound like things to be applauded. So why do vegans make some people angry? In...
vegan alcohol

The lowdown on the vegan alcohol market

As the vegan food and drink market continues to witness explosive growth, the alcohol market is well and truly joining the party. Not all alcohol...
las vegas vegan

Why Las Vegas is fast becoming Las Vegan

The glittering lights of Las Vegas have welcomed partygoers for decades, but it’s now becoming the new vegan hotspot with some surprising finds. When someone...
soy deforestation

Why soy’s link with Amazon deforestation isn’t a vegan problem

As the demand for plant-based food and drink grows, so too does our love for soy, which is linked to rainforest destruction. But is...
Lisa Gawthorne

The difference one vegan makes

As veganism continues to dominate the headlines, here's the difference one vegan makes and how individual actions can collectively contribute to a brighter future. Many...
Lisa Gawthorne

Are car manufacturers any closer to producing fully vegan cars?

The vegan food market is booming, but what about cars? Which car manufacturers are making moves to appeal to the vegan consumer? Whilst there is...