Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn is a history graduate from the University of Exeter, with an aspiration to have in a career in politics & lobbying for more vegan-friendly policies in order to combat our biggest societal issues including climate change, and our health crisis. After suffering from years of pain, and undiagnosed gastric problems following a perforated stomach ulcer at 18 years old, Kathryn took to healing herself through a whole food plant-based diet. Now holding a certification in Nutrition, Kathryn seeks to spread the medical power of plants, and encourage those with gastric conditions to consider embracing this diet. In her spare time, Kathryn is a qualified personal trainer, under the name KP Fitness, and uses this position to improves societies’ physical fitness, as well as breaking down common myths around fitness and veganism… yes, you can get enough protein!
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misleading food labels uk

How to not be tricked by misleading vegan-associated food labels and terminology

Homemade, healthy, low-fat, natural — we see these terms plastered across branded food labels and associated with veganism, but are they misleading? There is a...
vegan conservatives

The Vegan Conservatives: the plant-based wing of the UK’s right

The Vegan Conservatives are breaking down misconceptions around Toryism; promoting veganism for the benefit of human health, animal welfare, and the environment. Typing the words...
akil taher

Open Heart author Akil Taher: ‘We’re more capable than we give ourselves credit for’

Akil Taher ate poorly, never exercised, and had bypass surgery at 61. But eight months later, he was running marathons and climbing mountains. It’s raining...
budget 2021

Analysing any vegan and environmental priorities in the UK’s Budget 2021

A few months on from when the Chancellor laid bare his plans for all to see, it is worth evaluating where, if at all,...
Kathryn Parsons

Achieving more than sustainability through an evidence-based nutrition cafe

An Aussie couple has a mission: to accelerate progress towards a regenerative wellbeing economy. Lamina Community wants to build a more-than-sustainable world, starting with...
Kathryn Parsons

How vegan were our prehistoric ancestors?

Our hunter-gatherer past is often met with anti-vegan arguments: “Man eat meat,” and “I have canines,” we hear. But were our ancestors more vegan...
Kathryn Parsons

How can a vegan diet maximise your fitness workout?

With gyms reopening soon, how exactly might a vegan diet assist you in reaching your fitness goals and performing better? Many of us, myself included,...
Kathryn Parsons

Aligning veganism with gender equality and feminism

If veganism seeks to resolve exploitation, ownership and objectification of bodies, does it have similarities with feminism and the fight for gender equality? March 2021...
Kathryn Parsons

What does Brexit mean for veganism?

Although Brexit and veganism do not offer an obvious alignment, there is a conversation to be had about what the future of Brexit holds...
Kathryn Parsons

Why do people think veganism is expensive?

It is often believed that to follow a vegan lifestyle is to spend more money. That, in the west, veganism represents luxury, excess income,...