Juanele Villanueva

Juanele Villanueva is a freelance journalist passionated with Environment Affairs. He is originally from Spain and started to be interested in the Environment and sustainability when he was in his masters at the University of Salford. His goal is to share stories which change the general belief that being eco-friendly is just for wealthy people. Moreover, the vegan diet is the easiest step that everyone can do to reduce its environmental footprint. He is also interested in conservationism, recycling, renewable energies and environmental policies
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Wolves are on the brink of extinction in Andalusia
Animals & Environment

Wolves are on the brink of extinction in Andalusia

Once upon a time, a squirrel could cross from North Spain to the South without touching land, jumping from one branch to the next,...
Emma Greenwood

Q&A with Emma Greenwood, the Member of Youth Parliament fighting for climate change

Emma Greenwood, 17, is the youngster's voice as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Bury, Manchester. Her passion for climate and social justice...
The Earthshot Prize Ceremony

The Earthshot Prize Ceremony: 5 out of 50 solutions against Climate Crisis

The Earthshot Prize, an initiative lead by Prince William was created to help tackle the global climate crisis from many different angles. The Royal...
carbon offset sme

What’s the best way for SMEs to offset their carbon footprint?

The latest IPCC report says some climate changes are irreversible, but there’s hope in cutting emissions, and SMEs want to get on board too. We’ve...

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