Jessica Fox

Jessica has been vegan for nearly 20 years; over the past 8 years, she has been actively involved in the London vegan community, organising and hosting a variety of vegan events.She also regularly hosts walks, potlucks, and art/creative writing workshops. Jessica is an artist, writer, and genealogist; she loves photography, swimming, and walking in the countryside and seaside.
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vegan pies alan cumming

Vegan pies to the rescue of University of Aberdeen students

Vegan groups and actor Alan Cumming have joined forces to deliver vegan pies and environmental education to students. Campaign groups Million Dollar Vegan and Vegan...
purezza investment

Vegan pizza chain Purezza bags £2.4 million in investment

Vegan pizza chain Purezza has secured £2.4 million in funding rounds, and is making plans for expansion and growth. The UK's first vegan pizza chain,...
true blood vegan

The contradictory vegan character in vampire series True Blood

True Blood depicted a character who talked of being a spiritual, "organic" vegan, but had a twisted morality when it came to using vampires. True...
vegan extremism

My experiences facing the extremes of vegan activism

Vegan activism encompasses a diverse spectrum of approaches. But some confrontational, extreme and destructive ones can cause more problems than they aim to solve. In...

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