Hannah Gal

Hannah Gal is a London based journalist and filmmaker. Her credits include The Guardian, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Knowledge, Al Araby, Photo District News, The British Journal of Photography and The Jerusalem Post among others. Hannah seeks great coffee and reason wherever she goes.
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animal sentience bill

How people responded to the UK’s animal sentience bill

The UK government introduced the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill in May, but reactions were divided, with some welcoming and others criticising the move. Sentience is...
yuval harari

Yuval Harari: ‘Modern animal farming is one of history’s worst crimes’

The influential academic explains why he considers modern animal agriculture a crime and how compassion for animals is his greatest motivator. The rise of veganism...
freedom farm

Freedom Farm: the Israeli sanctuary rescuing slaughterhouse animals

Adit Romano and Meital Ben Ari set up Freedom Farm with a mission: get people to face named animals and witness their personalities in...
israel lab grown meat

Milk from yeast and 3D-printed meat: Israel’s vegan food revolution

New-age technology makes vegan meat and milk-free dairy products a reality in Israel, aided by growing interest from the prime minister. “This is a game-changer,”...
Hannah Gal

The rise and rise of vegan weddings in Israel

Vegan weddings are growing exponentially in Israel, with cruelty-free food, decor and accessories. It's hard to find an Israeli who hasn't been to one. Israel...
Hannah Gal

Tal Gilboa: ‘We can shout and scream but all we achieve...

Israeli vegan animal rights activist Tal Gilboa on advising prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, winning Big Brother and her approach to activism. Hailed as ‘Israel’s Angriest...