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Gözde picked up Journalism as a hobby but after realising how much she learns through Journalism, she has taken up more opportunities. She is currently a Journalist at Lawbore as well as The Vegan Review and enjoys how these two very different topics take her to two different parts of the same world. While she enjoys having a busy schedule, she balances this well with some down time - aside from work, Gözde enjoys delving into video games and new beauty and self-care findings.
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fenty skin

Rihanna launches new vegan, earth-conscious Fenty Skin

Following her iconic Fenty Beauty launch in 2017, Rihanna has extended her empire with vegan and environmentally-friendly Fenty Skin products. Rihanna’s skincare line Fenty Skin...
plant-based meat

The ultimate guide to plant-based meat

While some find giving up meat impossible while transitioning to veganism, meat alternatives are on the rise. Here is our ultimate guide to plant-based...
best vegan cookbooks

8 of the best vegan cookbooks every vegan must have

Vegan cookbooks are all the rage now, focussing on different cuisines, meals, staples, and desserts. Here are some of the best. Whether you are a...
the best sustainable stores in the UK

6 of the Best Sustainable Stores in the UK

Sustainable shopping stores are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as workers' rights and environmental impact become major factors. With many fast fashion brands and...
Gozde Elidemir 

How to grow a healthy vegan-friendly garden

Gardening During COVID-19 COVID-19 has everyone at home, and it is no surprise more people have taken up gardening as a pastime. However, the traditional way...
Gozde Elidemir 

A complete guide to cruelty-free shampoo

Is Your Hair Washing Routine Vegan? While we all want the best for our hair, there are guilt-free and simple ways to achieve to achieve...
Gozde Elidemir 

Are bananas vegan? Why wouldn’t they be?

Bananas have always been a quick and healthy go-to snack for those on a vegan diet. Enjoyed on their own, and in desserts, they...
Gozde Elidemir 

Wales Fur Ban: A Petition For Change

The use of fur for fashion purposes has been a constant issue for animal welfare activists. Each year, 50 million animals are killed worldwide...
Gozde Elidemir 

5 Luxury Vegan Fashion Brands

MATT & NAT Matt and Nat are a luxury vegan brand, well known for their range of handbags. With over 800 boutiques around...
Gozde Elidemir 

5 vegan-friendly song lyrics you might not know

Vegan-friendly song lyrics can be easy to miss, if you're not looking for them. As veganism has been stewadily growing, however, many musicians have...