Chloë Morgan

Chloë is a recent English graduate from Loughborough University. She tries to use her writing to raise awareness of important issues in an attempt to help others. Her passions lie in social justice, mental health and sustainability. After taking part in 'Veganuary', she developed an interest in veganism and recently went vegan. She is also trying to boycott fast fashion as much as possible by shopping second-hand and more sustainably.
21 Articles written
Sustainable businesses: the pros, cons and the future

Sustainable businesses: the pros, cons and the future

We constantly blame businesses for not being sustainable enough, or tell them to be more sustainable, but how simple is it in reality? Businesses are the...
veganism eating disorders

Does veganism have an impact on food anxiety?

With a direct link to eating disorders, a lot of people feel anxious when faced with food. But can a vegan diet have any...
recycling problems uk

Recycle, recycle, recycle. But how successful is it and do we do it properly?

We’re repeatedly told to recycle to save the planet. Experts discuss the problems with the UK’s recycling system and how different attitudes influence recycling...
clothes swapping

Clothes renting and swapping: the new sustainable ways to shop

Buying clothes? That’s so last year. In 2021, we’re renting and swapping. And with a rise of these platforms, it couldn’t be easier. Saving...

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