Aviv Nesher

Aviv Nesher is a current Schwartzman scholar studying her master’s in management science in global affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. She works at the intersections of environmental action, trend analysis, and sustainable fashion. Her writing revolves around integrating sustainable practices within different industries and markets, and policy development that generates sustainable impact. Aviv has been vegan for five years and raw vegan for one year. She believes that transitioning into a plant-based diet is one of the most significant steps individuals can take to tackle the eco-climate crisis. Aviv is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a United World College alumna, and a Huayu Scholarship recipient.
10 Articles written
clothes sharing

Fast fashion is out of fashion: how clothes sharing platforms challenge throwaway culture

Clothes sharing: a new sustainable way to experiment with fashion that does not contribute to fast fashion’s excess manufacturing. Why is it that we...

Freshwater-free textile: A supply chain game-changer

Fashion is a freshwater-thirsty industry, but companies like SaltyCo are providing a potential solution by producing vegan freshwater-free textiles with saltwater. Only 3% of Earth’s...
rice paper makeup

Packaging with rice paper: Israel’s future of makeup is green

When it comes to packaging and product design, the beauty industry has not yet reinvented itself. Designers like Shani Levy are breaking away from...
taiwan vegan frenzy

The Taiwan Vegan Frenzy fairs are rebranding veganism on the island

The Taiwan Vegan Frenzy fairs demonstrate that for many in the island, veganism is connected with a sustainable lifestyle rather than with religion. Veganism in...

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