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Anam is a freelance writer for The Vegan Review and a student studying journalism. She is a passionate writer who possesses a range of skills ranging from audio, video, editorial and creative writing. Her goal is to educate the public and the world with stories that she feels need to be talked more about in society.
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Dating as a vegan: How vegan dating apps like Veggly can help

Dating, in general, is quite hard. Dating when you’re vegan has its own challenges. But apps like Veggly that can make things a bit...
veganism periods

How does veganism affect periods and the menstrual cycle?

A woman’s menstrual cycle can be affected by various factors, and diet is one of them. What is the impact of veganism on one’s...
dean howell

Dean Howell: ‘I had my best years in football once I went vegan’

Footballer-turned-entrepreneur Dean Howell talks about veganism in sport, his businesses, and how he won’t let anything bring him down. The loss of his grandmother took...
vegan period products

The Ultimate Guide to vegan and sustainable period products

Not all period products are vegan. Here's our Ultimate Guide for everything you need to know about cruelty-free and sustainable menstrual products. Standard period products...
Anam Alam

Bolt Beauty launches vegan seaweed capsules

Bolt Beauty, a vegan skincare capsule company, has launched four biodegradable products made from seaweed for on-the-go use. The business has released four capsules:...
Anam Alam

Love them or hate them? The great PETA debate

PETA The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, is an animal rights, non-profit organisation based in North America. Founded in...
Anam Alam

Zoe May: Vegan activist bearing emotional strain

As Zoe May, vegan activist talks about turning her thoughts to animal welfare, she says: "I was obsessed. I would wake up every morning...
Anam Alam

4 vegan cultures and their cuisines

Did you know that veganism has been a movement since before the common era? Although there are few historical records of multiple vegan cultures,...
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Top 5 Vegan YouTubers To Help Entertain You During Self-Isolation

Social Distancing. Self Isolating. Quarantining. Whatever you call it, it sucks. After the first week you have drained Netflix dry and the novelty of...
Anam Alam

The History Of Veganism: Know Your Roots

From ancient philosophers to international movements, here is a very summarised and brief look at how veganism came to be and the milestones that...