Amy Buxton

Amy is a committed ethical vegan, raising a next generation compassionate human with her husband and their beloved dog, Boo. A freelance writer with a background in PR, she decided to use the COVID lockdown period to refocus her client base and has come to The Vegan Review as a senior writer and editor, before moving into her external content director role. "What we should be doing is working at the job of life itself" is Amy's mantra, courtesy of Tom from The Good Life.
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Veganuary 2024

All The Reasons That Veganuary 2024 Is Set To Be The Biggest Success Yet

Veganuary is more than just a New Year reset, it’s a cultural phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of participants each year. With 2024 underway,...

Dorset Council Rejects Plant Based Treaty

Dorset County Council has chosen to ignore calls to ditch meat and dairy from all official buildings and events and instead, passed a motion...
Bird Flu Antarctica

Bird Flu Discovered in Antarctica

Avian influenza (HPAI) commonly known as the Bird Flu has officially reached the Antarctic region, having previously been untouched by the pandemic. The alarming...
Vegan Christmas in 2023

One in Six Brits Could Have A Vegan Christmas in 2023, Poll Finds

A new poll by World Animal Protection (WAP) reportedly revealed that one in six UK adults are considering a plant-based Christmas this year. The revelation...
Amy Buxton

What are plant-based foods good for?

Veganism is often cited as being a movement geared towards doing better, so if we boil it down to its core consumables, what are...
Amy Buxton

What I wish I knew when I first went vegan

Looking back on my personal journey as a vegan, there are plenty of things I wish I would have known and could have prepared...
Amy Buxton

13 things about veganism you might not know

Forget all the stereotypes and surface-level information about veganism, as there are plenty of facets to and many facts about this all-encompassing global movement...
Amy Buxton

8 up-and-comers to watch in the vegan universe

We’re a proud bunch, so when someone in the vegan world seems to be doing great things and clearly has plans for more, we...
Amy Buxton

Veganism: 5 things nobody is talking about

Saving animals, helping the planet and making ourselves feel healthier. Veganism has a lot of internal and external dialogues going on but there are...
Amy Buxton

12 companies leading the way in the vegan and plant-based sphere

As veganism gains momentum, the number of companies exclusively aligning with animal-free ethics is increasing and they are infiltrating every industry. Once upon a time,...