Amy Nicholas

Amy is a regionally and nationally published journalist. Having finally broken up with dairy during Veganuary 2018, she believes that our diets are one of the biggest personal changes we can make in tackling the climate crisis, though she also advocates for urgent, systemic action. Amy recognises the intrinsic link between climate activism and social justice, and feels we must address both with the same energy and urgency. When not writing, Amy is a performing arts teacher, and loves nothing more than belting out show tunes in her kitchen (much to the dismay of her flatmate).
3 Articles written
recycled plastic clothing

Recycled plastic clothing: a sustainable revolution or just greenwashing?

Clothing made from recycled plastic has been heralded as the next great step in sustainable fashion, but is this vegan-friendly fabric just another case...
vegan easter eggs 2021

Which is the best vegan Easter egg of 2021? We taste-tested 7 to find out

A vegan and a non-vegan try seven of the new-to-market vegan Easter eggs for 2021 to see which is truly the best of them. Chocolate...
james aspey holocaust

Are Holocaust comparisons doing more harm than good to veganism?

Jewish vegans are asking animal rights activists to stop using Holocaust comparisons after commentary by James Aspey sparks criticism. Holocaust analogies within the vegan community...

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