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Plant Based World Pulse Insider Talks

Deliveroo, Meatless Farm, Veg Capital and Plant Based Food Alliance Meet in New Webinar Series

Plant Based World Pulse, the digital platform of Plant Based World Expo, is launching a series of live online webinars on essential topics for...
vegan allergy

The need for improved catering and labelling for vegans and allergy sufferers

A new book by a vegan food safety expert is calling for proper labelling, certification and audits of the food supply chain to ensure...
precision fermentation

Precision fermentation: creating animal-free, not dairy-free, vegan cheese

Hallmarked as the third pillar of alt-protein, precision fermentation can harness real dairy proteins to make vegan cheese without the animals. In the near future,...
vegan cheese

Filling the cheese gap: how vegan cheese producers are replicating dairy

What is it about cheese that is so hard to replicate, and how are vegan companies rising to the challenge of matching the taste...
Alice Grahame

Can cultured meat save animals and the planet?

With cultured meat making headlines, what are its ethical issues and potential impact on animals, the planet and human health? In early December, news of...