Damoy Robertson

Damoy Robertson is an entrepreneur and founder of The Vegan Review. Damoy is dedicated to spreading veganism to the masses which he believes will enable people to make better, more informed decisions concerning the way we all interact with animals and our planet.
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dog meat trade
Animals & Environment

The dog meat trade in 2024 – All you need to know

Despite consistent pressure from animal rights activists and organizations, the dog meat trade industry is still very much alive and active in several countries...
Best vegan-friendly cities

Best vegan-friendly cities around the world 2024

Travelling while vegan comes with its challenges. From booking an all-inclusive and coming to find out that food-wise, it isn’t that inclusive after all,...
Non-Vegan Menu Options at Animal Sanctuary

Inclusive or Hypocritical? Non-Vegan Menu Options at Animal Sanctuary Sparks Debate

A post in the Facebook group UK Vegan sparked debate when David Cozier asked fellow group members whether they agreed or disagreed with an...
TUI Vegan Meal

3 Pieces of Fruit and “Horrible” Curry Served For Vegan Meal on a 9-Hour TUI Flight

Passenger left upset after being served 3 pieces of fruit and an orange juice pot for breakfast on a 9-hour TUI flight.  Bárbara Nunes was...

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