Aquafaba brand OGGS saves one million eggs with its vegan alternative

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UK-based vegan manufacturer OGGS has saved one million eggs and carbon equivalent to driving around the world 22 times with its alternative to egg, aquafaba.

OGGS, the London-based aquafaba brand, has saved the equivalent of over one million eggs with its vegan alternative.

Launching into retail 18 months ago, the company has saved 1,026,688 eggs and more than 226 tonnes of carbon dioxide by using aquafaba in its cake range and selling it as an egg alternative.

The brand measures its success in the amount of CO2 saved, reduced water waste, and the number of chickens “who can have a day off”. Its impact in saving carbon dioxide is the same as driving around the world 22 times.

The brand also has highly sustainable practices in place, with fully recycled as well as recyclable or compostable packaging made from plant-based or sustainably sourced materials. The company claims it will biodegrade if it ends up in landfill. It also aims to use 100% of its energy from renewable sources soon and cut all its food waste by 2023. All the ingredients are ethically and locally sourced, and the supply chain is free from “modern slavery and human trafficking”.

Founder Hannah Carter said: “OGGS is committed to finding ways to remove unnecessary and often hidden animal products from the food chain. To do this, we are starting by making eggless cooking and baking accessible to as many people as possible. This is a change for home-bakers, caterers, and large-scale manufacturers by swapping eggs for a plant-based liquid egg alternative, aquafaba.”

She added that the bran has succeeded in “giving 177,941 chickens a week’s holiday”: “We realised if we want the big manufacturers to stop using barn eggs in their products, we need to provide a cost-efficient, bulk solution that provides consistent and stable results.”

She continued: “We set about finding the highest performance aquafaba recipe that performs in a way that is indistinguishable from its rival, the egg. A no-mess, no-fuss, healthy and sustainable alternative that removes all barriers, so it is no longer a question of ‘Why change?’ It will be a case of ‘What’s stopping you?'”

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Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
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