Alternative Awards: New programme opens submissions for sustainable food

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The 1st Alternative Awards are open for submissions. The new programme focusses on vegan, sustainable and ethical food products.

A new awards programme commemorating sustainable, ethical and plant-based food, the Alterative Awards, has opened its submission round.

The categories for the 2020 Alternative Awards, the programme’s first year, are based around diet and sustainability. However, they are vegan, dairy-free, organic, nut-free, gluten-free, fairtrade, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, plant-based, allergy-free, and reusable.
The submission round for food products for this year’s awards closes on August 24.

The programme’s mission is “to make consumers’ lives easier” and help the planet, animals and future generations. Moreover, It aims for people to live a healthier, enjoyable life.

The submissions tested over a two-month period ending on September 25. The finals results will reveal on September 28. The submission fee for this year’s awards is £199.

“With an extensive panel of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable families our aim is to find the best foods and products available in today’s market place,” the programme’s press release read.

“The demand for alternative products is growing at a phenomenal rate. Moreover, the number of vegans in the UK alone has risen by 700% in the last two years. It has described as the fastest-growing lifestyle movement ever seen.”

Most importantly, the awards body also released results of a survey it conducted. 4,500 people said they were open to change, but overwhelmed by choice, while 3,800 revealed that the recognition of a product would make them likely to make a purchase.

On Instagram, Alternative Awards can be seen promoting ethical and vegan food companies, like White Rabbit Pizza, Naturli plant-based butter and HECK vegan burgers.

Though, this isn’t the only awards programme for vegan food.

Recently, Food Manufacture added a plant-based award to its Excellence awards.

Moreover, the Alternative Awards release added:

“96% of people we surveyed said they had confidence in our awards programme and felt it would be great if we could ‘cut through the noise’.”

Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
Anay is journalism graduate from City, University of London, he was a barista for three years, and never shuts up about coffee. He's passionate about coffee, plant-based milk, cooking, eating, veganism, writing about all that, profiling people, and the Oxford Comma. Originally from India, he went vegan in 2020, after attempting (and failing) Veganuary. He believes being environmentally conscious is a basic responsibility, and veganism is the best thing you can do to battle climate change. He gets lost at Whole Foods sometimes.