Algaia Launches Seaweed-Based Line After Closing €2.2m Funding Round

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Biomarine ingredients company Algaia has launched a new seaweed-based line called VegAlg® to aid in the shape, structure, and juiciness to plant-based meat, as well as a range of alginates to act as a thickening agent for processed cheese in cordon bleu. Their products are not only certified vegan, but they are also kosher and halal. 

Algaia has also developed an impressive sales growth of a recorded 17% increase in 2019 and a 25% growth within the first four months of 2020. And have had a total investment of €7 million over the past three years within their manufacturing facilities in Lannilis, France, Saint-Lô, and Normandy.

The company has also revealed that the COVID-19 breakout has created a ‘paradigm shift,’ making consumers look for more ‘traceable’ and ‘secured food solutions’ that correspond with the brand’s products and their long-term strategy. Algaia also states that they are seeing a shift in what consumers buy as many are now leaning toward more eco-friendly and locally sourced ingredients.

The biomarine business work with local fisherman to harvest brown algae close to their Brittany plant and are committed to ‘full control over its supply and ensuring that its customers receive sustainable, high-quality, plant-based products.’

According to Algaia’s website, their mission and vision are to offer ‘sustainably-produced natural seaweed, algae and other plant-based extracts and solutions for the Agro-Nutrition, Personal Care and Nutraceutical Industries.’

The announcement comes just in time as demand for plant-based meat skyrockets as a result of COVID-19.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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