abillion’s Picks For The Top 10 Vegan Cheeses Around The Globe

Vegan cheese has come a long way. As little as 10 years ago we were eating gelatinous orange bricks that if you melted on tortilla chips and closed your eyes (and cajoled your tastebuds), you could wish yourself to think you’re eating gooey, cheesy nachos.

Today we have so many delicious options that taste great and (almost) as importantly have the same mouthfeel as its dairy counterpart. Nut cheese, soy cheese, fancy cheese, cheese of your childhood, and cheese you can put on a slate board with figs to make your guests think you’re a full-fledged gourmand.

So who’s the best? Here at abillion we put together our list of the Top 10 Vegan Cheeses taken from 6,230 products from 744 brands across our platform. All of these brands are taking vegan cheese to the next level and all can be found on our abillion app.


1 – Violife – Greek White

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2 – Miyoko Creamery – Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella

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3 – Babybel – Plant-based cheese alternatives

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4 – Il CashewFicio – Alternative 100% vegetale alla stracciatella di Buratta

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5 – Violife – Creamy original 

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6 – Jay & Joy – Jeanne Le Bleute vegetal

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7 – Il CashewFicio – Alternative vegetale allo stracchino

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8 – ioVEG – StraVeg

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9 – Vemondo – Grattugiato Vegano

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10 – Il CashewFicio – Muffervert

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About Vikas Garg

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