3 Pieces of Fruit and “Horrible” Curry Served For Vegan Meal on a 9-Hour TUI Flight

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Passenger left upset after being served 3 pieces of fruit and an orange juice pot for breakfast on a 9-hour TUI flight. 

Bárbara Nunes was traveling back to London Gatwick after an enjoyable holiday in Jamaica and was left feeling “upset” after being served an underwhelming breakfast by Europe’s largest tourism group TUI. 

TUI Vegan Meal
Image provided by Bárbara Nunes

Despite the airline requiring passengers to pre-order special meals 4 weeks in advance, the result was an inadequate breakfast and a “horrible” curry for dinner. 

“My advice for any vegans booking a holiday would be to stay far away from TUI,” said Nunes. “They say they provide vegan meals and you would expect them to deliver on that promise but it’s just a lie.”

The non-vegan breakfast options consisted of a blueberry muffin, a pot of fruit, yogurt, and a juice pot.  

According to TUI’s factsheet, TUI Airways operates to 79 destinations in 33 countries with more than 68 aircraft. 

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Airlines including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and others have received praise in recent years for their innovative vegan options, but TUI which is considered the largest tourism group in Europe seems to be lagging far behind. 

“If you have no choice but to use the airline, I’d suggest you bring your own meals and a lot of snacks,” concluded Nunez.

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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